Web Hosting

Web Hosting Solution

Deploying websites efficiently and cost-effectively while meeting all specified requirements.

  • Support for multi-platform systems (Windows, Linux) Customers have the flexibility to deploy source code on the Windows operating system using MSSQL as the database or on Linux with MySQL/MariaDB. Support for multiple programming languages such as ASP, ASP.NET, .NET Core, PHP, Java, Nodejs, Python, and more.
  • Optimized loading speed with licensed Litespeed One of the licensed webservers operating on the Linux platform, renowned for its high performance and speed, surpasses the processing capabilities of many free webservers like Apache by a significant margin.
  • World-class cPanel management software cPanel is the most widely used web hosting management tool based on the Linux operating system. It features a simple, user-friendly, flexible, and highly secure interface. Users can enjoy excellent features from the diverse integrated software ecosystem provided by cPanel.

33.000 VND/month Details

Cloud Server

Own a private server

Utilise cloud servers for secure, reliable, and scalable infrastructure, empowering businesses with enhanced capabilities.

  • Free superior IPv6 support IPv6 is a new network protocol for the future, replacing IPv4. IPv6 offers numerous advantages over IPv4, including an extremely large IP address space, faster data transmission, enhanced security, and alignment with development initiatives supported by governments and international organizations.
  • Easily scalable cloud computing technology A startup business can begin with a small cloud service package to meet its initial needs. As the business grows, they can easily expand cloud resources to accommodate increasing demands. This allows the business to save costs while ensuring they have sufficient resources to meet customer requirements.
  • Proactive setup with an intuitive interface A user-friendly interface enables customers to easily understand and perform management operations. Proactive self-installation of cloud services without the need to contact technical support.

Details 72.000 VND/month

Email Server

Premium Email Solution

High-speed Linux-based Email system, with reliable and clean IP addresses, capable of meeting the most complex requirements.

  • High-speed Email system on Linux servers Utilizing the Linux operating system, with its high-security advantages, rapid processing capabilities, and extreme stability, ensures uninterrupted and seamless exchange of information through email.
  • Superior security measures An advanced firewall and anti-spam system, leveraging AI to detect threats in real-time, minimizes risks in a business's email transactions to the maximum extent possible.
  • Equipped with the best anti-spam, anti-phishing, and anti-ransomware systems The anti-spam system, combined with licensed antivirus software, allows businesses to conduct email transactions with peace of mind, minimizing potential dangers such as fraud and impersonation.

24.000 VND/month Details

Multi-channel E-commerce Website - Business Website

Profressional Web design

Simplified management - Easy care.

  • Leading fast web technology in Vietnam With just a few simple mouse clicks, you can have a professional website that meets SEO standards in just 30 seconds.
  • 1000+ interfaces for various industries A diverse interface repository organized and categorized by industry sectors allows customers to easily choose and swiftly deploy websites tailored to their specific fields. This streamlines the website creation process, enabling businesses to focus more on their core activities.
  • Integration of 100+ modern features Rich utility applications integrated, such as online payment through Napas, electronic wallets like Momo and Zalo Pay, SMS order notifications, contribute to increased sales efficiency.

Details 199.000 VND/month


Security Certificate

Protect customer data, chosen by many brands, and support authentication certificates.

  • End-to-end encryption protocol following international standards The SSL/TLS end-to-end encryption protocol is a security protocol used to protect data transmitted between applications over the Internet. This protocol employs encryption algorithms to ensure that the transmitted data is secure and remains unaltered.
  • Enhances website search rankings with HTTPS Based on the not widely known experience, search engines like Google, Bing, etc., consistently prioritize websites that support secure SSL/TLS connections. Customers accessing websites with HTTPS can also feel more confident as they won't encounter browser warnings, contributing to better SEO for the website.
  • Eliminates "Not Secure" browser warnings Contemporary browsers such as Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, etc., promptly issue security warnings for websites accessed via HTTP instead of HTTPS. Therefore, obtaining SSL/TLS certificates for websites is imperative in the digital age to avoid these "Not Secure" warnings and ensure secure connections.

18.000 VND/month Details

Automate modern business processes

Digital Virtual PBX

Telephone switchboard system, automates business processes, maximising cost savings on investments.

  • Reduce business call costs by 50% Cost Saving on Personnel: Automatically receive and handle calls, helping businesses reduce the need for hiring and training call center staff.
    Support for WebCall, Softphone: Cost savings on internal calls, allowing users to make calls from anywhere without investing in desk equipment.
  • Integrate hotlines 1900/1800, landline, and mobile numbers Support for multiple dedicated number formats for hotlines like 1900/1800, landline numbers, and mobile numbers enables customers to flexibly apply them based on existing conditions, optimizing costs.
  • Display the business name with the Voice Branding feature Instead of immediately hanging up when an unfamiliar number calls, displaying the business brand on incoming call information makes it easier to establish a connection between the business and the customer, increasing the chances of success in each call.

Details 299.000 VND/month

Solution and transmission provider meeting General Department of Taxation standards

Electronic Invoice

Smart electronic invoices meet Decree 123/2020 ND-CP & CIRCULAR 78/2021/TT-BTC.

  • Batch issuance of invoices in large quantities Optimizing financial management, issuing invoices in large quantities enhances productivity, reduces time and effort needed for invoice creation, and minimizes errors for the business.
  • Integration with all existing business management software Integrating electronic invoicing with all management software creates a closed, professional working ecosystem. This not only helps accountants save time and effort but also enables businesses to easily track and manage tasks effectively.
  • Automated signing and issuance of invoices Automatically signing and issuing invoices saves time and costs for accounting staff. Instead of spending time manually signing and sending invoices, accounting staff can focus on other important tasks.

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