Direct Admin

Rent follow month
139.000d x 1 month

139.000d x 3 month

139.000d x 6 month

139.000d x 12 month

139.000d x 24 month

239.000d x 1 month

239.000d x 3 month

239.000d x 6 month

239.000d x 12 month

239.000d x 24 month

About DirectAdmin


DirectAdmin reputation in the simple, gentle, less resources, effective and full of the features of a hosting controlpanel. DirectAdmin is Managing Hosting Control Panel for Linux Server, DirectAdmin good support for the two types of VPS server as separate version for Server.

Directadmin flexible price policy for many objects and purposes, P.A Vietnam in addition to best support when you use server / rent Co-location in Datacenter of P.A Vietnam Ltd, also known the Internal license.

More about DirectAdmin:

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* Internal: For the customer using IP of P.A Viet Nam.


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