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>> Risks of using email service of providers without telecommunications license (*) <<
- Inability to finance for long-term operation.
- Insufficient technical capacity to ensure service quality.
- Inability to ensure the safety and security of information.
- If the Ministry of Information and Communication checks and detects that the service provider is unlicensed, the service can stop at any time.


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The luxury standard qualities had been integrated and customed for our clients.

  • High Available

    High Available

    We are committed to the highest quality and stability with the uptime to 99%.

  • Elastic Management

    Elastic Management

    Helping Administrator support for setting up, delegating, and monitoring users Easilly.

  • Advanced mailboxes

    Advanced mailboxes

    The GUI interface is very nice and professional, easy to edit and read the letter and many other great features.

  • Secure


    Support multi-layer security including digital certificates, message encryption and message encryption on the browser.

  • IP Address

    IP Address

    We own the most reliable IP range currently, trusted and accepted by most of domestic and international organizations.

  • Free data transfer from other organizations

    Free data transfer from other organizations

    Support free data transfer from other organizations to P.A Vietnam (register at least 12 months).

The funtions, you have never experienced until using our services.

  • We focus on personal user with sophisticated interface, reminder scheduler, tasks and file synchronization on cloud storage.
  • More than 30 languages, right-to-left interface support, date and time formats.
  • A strong encryption in Files module. When enabled, encrypt on the browser, the server never has access to unencrypted data or encryption keys.
  • Can run on a secure HTTPS server and communicate with a mail server over SSL connection.
  • We commit 100% email which send into inbox.

Let discover How we completely change your knowledge about exchanging email.

  • Work anywhere and compatible with any device from your mobile, browser, pc, laptop.
  • Email Server experts with more than 20 years of experience are enthusiastic and dedicated, handling and solving all problems quickly to help Email always be smooth.
  • Use the service of Vietnamese provider at good prices and enjoy international quality.
  • Can monitor your employees to send and receive communications with your customers to prevent loss of your informations.

Comparing packages

Service package Email Pro #0 Email Pro #1 Email Pro #2 Email Pro #3 Email Pro #4 Email Pro #5 Email Pro #6 Email Pro #7 Email Pro #8
Quota 1 GB 2 GB 6 GB 12 GB 25 GB 80 GB 110 GB 210 GB 260 GB
Email 1 2 6 25 55 110 220 320 530
Email forwarder
Allows forwarding a copy of Email content to another email address defined by the user when receiving.
1 2 6 25 55 110 220 320 530
Auto Responder
You can configure automatically responding to a defined content when email is received.
Mail list
Send email by group list.
0 1 2 5 10 30 50 70 100
Park domain
Support alias of secondary email domain to primary email domain.
0 0 0 0 0 2 3 5 7
SSL Encryption SSL Encryption
Two-factor authentication
2-factor authentication (support for Webmail Pro) or abbreviated as 2FA (Two-factor authentication) with Google Authenticator. Without 2FA, your login is simply entering your Username and Password – the only thing that secures your account. So adding an extra layer of protection should theoretically make your account even more secure.
Manage your appointments and important dates with the calendar. Use the scheduling feature to add more people to an appointment while avoiding schedule conflicts..
Manage your contact's information.
Activesync support
Exchange ActiveSync allows you to synchronize mails, calendars, contacts, tasks, memos / notes.
Domain Level Roles
Flexible decentralization.
Users can manually manage mail (passwords, information, etc.), isolated mail (Quaranties), change passwords, and self-manage blacklists / whitelists.
Monitor Dashboard
The administrator can manually monitor the email traffic sent and received, the email is infected, the email is retained, the number of emails, etc.
Self-Debug Log SMTP
Administrators and users can view login log, send in and out to actively find out the cause.
Admin-level monitor email
The administrator can configure the email to monitor employees.
Self-Add Blacklist/Whitelist
The administrator can configure the email for employee monitoring and configure Blacklist / Whitelist for all emails, users can also do it for their own account..
Self-Config Spam Filter
The administrator can customize the actions of the spam filter depending on their own mailing policies.
Undo Send
Using WebMail, the Undo Send button will show up within 5-15 seconds for you to cancel sending mail.
Email Schedule
Schedule to send mail at any time you want.
Email Reminders
Set up email reminders to your colleagues or even send them to yourself.
WebMail Pro Interfaces
Support many WebMail Skin (interface) such as Gmail, Outlook, iCloud ...
Signature Builder
Allow yourself to design mail signature right on Webmail Pro according to popular templates. (Note: some older browsers will not support)
Webmail Vietnamese Language
Anti-Spam SpamAssassin & EAP Gateway
Antivirus For Server
Using specialized copyrighted Antivirus for Email Server to prevent most recent viruses, malware (malicious code) such as data encryption (randomware, Emotet ...)
Catch all
This feature allows to receive all emails sent to your domain even if the email account hasn't been created or has been deleted (doesn't exist), helping you not to miss email. Admin can configure it yourself (support from> = package 2)
Sonic Network
High speed internet connection and always have at least 2 parallel lines to balance each other's load, minimizing network problems.
SPF/ DKIM/ DomainKeys
Increasing reliability when sending mail to partners, customers
SPF / DKIM / DomainKeys
Backup MX
The secondary server redundant mail when the primary has a problem. When the problem is solved, the mail will be transferred from the backup MX server to the primary server. Option to assist when customers request.
Backup SMTP
The backup SMTP server, when unfortunately, has problems related to the transmission line, congestion, ... immediately redirects (routing) to limit interruptions and ensure through the process of email transactions.
Backup SMTP
Backup Backup free last 6 months
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