P.A Viet Nam is great importance to safety for users on the Internet. As the largest Domain Name Registrar in Vietnam, we are always responsible for compliance and safety enhancement for Internet users.

All abuse reports sent to P.A Vietnam are carefully reviewed and processed by us. Please note that we handle a large number of daily complaints and can only respond to you if we need more information or clarification.

To report abuse, you can send information us via email:


Send us only one report per domain name.

Information includes:
+ Type of abuse.
+ Abusive content.
+ Relevant URL.

Type of abuse:

- Phishing: A site pretending to be another site with the intention of stealing login/personal identification information.
- Malware/Virus: A site that participates in malware or virus distribution, or URLs to download. You can also report sites that promote, encourage, or engage in computer or network hacking and cracking.
- Network abuse: A site performing network attacks such as brute force or denial of service.
- Spam Email: Unsolicited email. Wire transfer fraud, etc.
- Copyright complaints: A website hosted on P.A Viet Nam products is using copyrighted material without your permission.
- Trademark complaints: A website hosted on P.A Viet Nam products is using trademarked item without your permission.
- Content complaints: Disturbing imagery, violence, etc. Questionable pharmacy content on a website. Content that displays personal information such as a social security number or credit card number. Fake technical support sites not phishing login information.
- Domain disputes: Please see ICANN's Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy.

Abuse handling process:

Step 1:
When receiving abuse reports via abuse@pavietnam.vn. We will respond within 24 hours to confirm that we have received abuse reports to reporter.

Step 2:
We will review the content of the abuse report, check the evidence provided by the reporter to determine the accuracy of the report. If there is any unknown information, we will respond to the reporter for discussion.

Step 3:
After checking the information, if the violations in the report are correct. We will contact the domain or web hosting owner to ask them to remove and handle the violation. If they protest to these abuse reports, we will mediate the exchange between reporter and domain owner and we will make the most appropriate decision on a case-by-case basis.

Step 4:
After making a decision and handling the violation. We will respond to the results of the reporter.

Step 5:
Keep a record of the case for later reference.

Note: All exchanges with the Domain Name Holder are made and monitored through helpdesk support system at link https://support.pavietnam.vn

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