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Establishment: 2001, the early period of Vietnam's information technology


A pioneer in the early days of formation & development of information technology, providing an ecosystem of digital transformation solutions for businesses.

Over 2 decades proud to be ""Vietnam's largest .VN domain name registrar"", now accounting for more than 33% of newly registered domains & nearly 200.000 managed domains.

The leading hosting service provider, each year P.A Vietnam provide services more than 40% of individuals, businesses and organizations in Vietnam.

The International Domain Name Registrar in Vietnam is under ICANN. Direct .COM and .NET domain partner of Verisign in Vietnam.

Up to now, the number of customers who trust and choose P.A Vietnam has reached millions.


Customer experience is the key to success

Each customer is a piece of success that needs to be respected, cared for and listened to, understood and served with the most dedication.

Continuous development, continuous innovation. Upgrade services, create products, listen to customers - give wings to Vietnamese businesses to expand.

  • Professional Service
  • International Quality
  • Attentive After Sales
  • Best Price


The core values are a commitment that P.A Vietnam makes to customers, partners, society & even the members of P.A Vietnam. This is the guideline for all activities of l to become an innovative business enterprise for people.

Constantly upgrading & improving.

"Grow every day through each experience of challenges, successes & failures.

Creative thinking - Appreciate culture.

Maintain tradition, operate according to mission.


- Become a leading enterprise in the trend of creating digital platforms in Vietnam.

- No. 1 in the domain name market, hosting Vietnam.

- Transforming to turn P.A Vietnam into an enterprise that provides customers with a top customer care service experience system.

- Completing the ecosystem of digital transformation solutions, improving and upgrading Vietnamese business operation processes.

- Bring the proportion of P.A's revenue in providing digital technology solutions equivalent to the leading units in each individual industry.


  • International domain name registrar under ICANN (www.icann.org) and VNNIC (https://www.vnnic.vn/)
  • The largest domain name registrar in Vietnam.
  • 21 years of experience in providing web hosting solutions to customers.
  • P.A Vietnam provides all kinds of hosting to meet the needs of all customers.
  • Modern system, optimal solution, enthusiastic support
  • Email system on super speed Linux server. Meet the most complex requirements of the business.
  • Superior security compared to other operating systems.
  • Provide full range of professional server rental forms such as: Cloud VPS/Server, Dedicated, Colocation, and related value-added services.
  • With the advantage of having its own Data Center (SuperData.vn), we provide customers with the best server rental service, always ensuring that the server operates stably in terms of power as well as Internet connection.
  • Providing SSL certificate solutions to help Encrypt sensitive information, create trust for visitors, support SEO.
  • Professional website design suitable for all subjects, all industries.
  • Provide customers with a modern, professional website, optimize costs, increase revenue.
  • The supplier meets the Transmission - Receiving - Storage standards of the General Department of Taxation.
  • Bringing a comprehensive e-invoice solution for businesses.
  • Bringing a comprehensive & smart phone system to businesses.
  • Save costs, personnel, optimize the efficiency of approaching and taking care of customers.
  • A solution that meets all the standards of an online meeting room.
  • Suitable for all fields, saving costs, working from anywhere, effective monitoring, security and privacy.
  • The leading software to approach, connect and take care of customers via SMS in Vietnam.
  • Capturing customer needs, boosting sales, increasing competitive advantage
  • Drive superior online sales
  • Connecting target customers from the very first seconds
  • Some other operating software
  • Some other solutions


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