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Basic Standard Advanced
Install Software (Permissions & configuration Database) (1) WHMCS WHMCS WHMCS
General & Automation Settings Configuration (2) WHMCS WHMCS WHMCS
Config notification of email settings (3) - WHMCS WHMCS
Config for supporting vietnamese language (homepage and email templates) - - WHMCS
Setup Support Departments & Email Piping (4) - 1 room 5 room
Integrated hosting services into WHMCS (5) - 4 10
Integrated server into WHMCS (6) - 2 server 4 server
Import Hosting configuration services into WHMCS - 2 server 4 server
Advise and Fix for error during installation WHMCS WHMCS WHMCS
Integrated P.A WHMCS registrar module (7) WHMCS WHMCS WHMCS
Integrated payment gateway (like as Paypal,Onepay, Ngân Lượng, Bảo Kim) - - WHMCS
Price 1.500.000d 2.800.000d 8.000.000d
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Note: Time of receiving the request to intall the features and warranty up to 2 months from the date of service registration.


  • The Customers need to provide information: logo PNG format, website address and company information to P.A Viet Nam installs and deploys.
  • The Customers need to provide information including: to P.A Viet Nam conducts the deployment.
  • The Customers need to provide an email address and login information of the departments that need to be integrated to P.A Viet Nam conducts the deployment.
  • The Customers need to provide informations about your hosting services in the format of P.A Viet Nam to we declare on the system. This format will be send required information for customers to declare.
  • The Customers' server needs to use common control panels and supported by WHMSC as at the WHMCS announcement link.
  • The Customers need to make sure that the hosting services in the control panel on the server have been configured to the configurations (package/plan) as configured in item (4). During the import process, the import of missing data will not be supported again.
  • P.A Viet Nam supported integration of the following payment gateways: Onepay, Bao Kim, Ngan Luong và Paypal. The integration will be integrated by P.A Viet Nam, however you need to prepare the contract and the required information to provide the payment gateway to contract between the customer and the payment gateway (if you have already registered for an account of payment gateways before, you only need to provide connection information API for P.A Viet Nam).
  • The Customers need to provide information of each department's personnel to P.A Viet Nam proceed to set up.
  • Please refer to the software WHMCS is supporting at https://www.whmcs.com/features/supported-modules/.
  • Note: Hosting operating WHMCS will be provided by you to P.A Viet Nam for P.A Viet Nam to install WHMCS.

Service Feature

  • Nhắc nhở tự động Invoicing

    Professional looking invoices and automatic email reminders with support for proforma invoicing, mutiple tax levels and more...

  • Cổng thanh toán Recurring Bill

    Nerver miss an invoice with fully automatic invoicing and payment processing with a huge of merchant gateway to choose from.

  • Giao dịch linh hoạt Flexible trading

    WHMCS billing support multiple currencies, automatically sync conversion rates.

  • Quản trị đa dạng Automation

    Effortlessly provision and manage web hosting and domain registrations with fully automated set up and integration.

  • Hệ thống hỗ trợ Support

    Simlify your support and track communication with your customer using the built-in support ticket desk and related support tools.

  • Báo cáo thống kê Customer management

    Manage your customer with ease from a centralised interface that combines products, domains, billing and support.

  • SSN
  • Mạng xã hội Bang
  • Thonet-Vander Speaker
  • Cpanel
  • Cloudlinux
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