Commitment to quality service (Service Level Agreement - SLA), we ensure monthly uptime of service as follows:

Service Commit Uptime Maximum Downtime (minutes)
Email Server 99,9% 43 minutes

The monthly uptime of the service is calculated by the formula:

43200 - Minutes interrupted X 100

If the monthly service uptime is less than the Uptime Commitment, we will compensate according to the service value of that month. The compensation ratio is as follows:

Uptime Compensation rate
From 99% to less than the rate of service commitment 20%
From 90% to 98.99% 40%
Lower 90% 100%

When the compensation condition is met, the amount of compensation will be added to your service period.

Compensation value includes only direct service value not exceeding the contract value and not include:
  • Initial initialization fees.
  • The license fees (License) are included with the monthly rental service or any given cycle.


Uptime is the time the system is in a ready state, corresponds to the number of minutes per month and subtracts the percentage of the system in the unavailable state (As opposed to uptime known as downtime). The availability commitment will not count if it falls on these exclusions are listed in this document.


Downtime is defined as the total number of minutes per month of service interruptions caused by technical problems.

Under normal conditions, downtime does not include upgrade or maintenance plans. This time has been announced 24 hours in advance (maintenance notices) combined with Email or SMS if possible.

In emergency conditions, we will announce the troubleshooting plan 60 minutes in advance, combined with Email or SMS or phone directly, if possible.

Exclusion conditions due to force majeure:

We apply the following general exclusions and separate conditions that apply to each type of service. If Interruptions caused by these reasons, it will not be counted toward the Service downtime.

Condition to the exclusion applies to all services:

  • Transmission is interrupted from Internet service provider the customer (ISP) to the Data Center.
  • Any transmission disruption is not under the control of P.A Vietnam; Overloaded by DDOS, DOS, targeted attack on any component of the server.
  • Accidents caused by natural disasters or floods.
  • Be affected by any Control Panel operations, configuration operations performed by the customer or staff follow the request - during customer support.
  • Use the service for the wrong purpose, wrong with any terms in the use agreement.
  • Using the service in excess of the specified specifications of each service.
  • The service expires or is affected by the service package renewal, upgrade or conversion process.
  • Trial service (if any) or being temporarily opened, temporarily raising the parameters of resources.
  • Any access is said to be interrupted where the cause of the error is from your computer, device or from the web browser, mobile device.
  • Errors arise from third-party software and technologies.
  • Cases caused by factors beyond the control of P.A Vietnam such as: Transmission problems or equipment damage in Data Centers operated by a third party (ie at Data Center, where the service server is located), fire, terrorism, embargo, war, requests of state management agencies, national network incidents.
  • Force majeure conditions were mentioned in the contract.

Conditions to exclude Email Server service:

  • Send and receive Email through WebMail.
  • Outgoing email did not reach the destination because the server IP was temporarily rejected by the receiving system or recognized by the receiving system as Spam.
  • The email was not received because the server recognized the incoming mail as Spam.
  • The customer`s domain name or link contained in the email body or a link in the content of the email addressing an IP is blacklisted by one of the anti-spam and phishing organizations.
  • The customer`s internal system is infected with a virus, malicious code automatically spreads spam emails that block the system.
  • Email is blocked or filtered from anti-virus software, third-party filters are not under the control of P.A Vietnam.
  • The IP from the customer`s system is blocked by email software or firewalls for violating the security rules.

To be able to compensate for the service usage time, you need to ensure the following factors:

  • Send us a compensation notice via the channel within 5 days from the service interruption time.
  • All compensation notices must include a ticket code related to a technical problem causing service disruption.
  • Your account does not violate the privacy policies and usage regulations of P.A Vietnam.
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