1. Overview

Email Marketing terms of service agreement ("Agreement") is done by the parties were P.A Vietnam Co., Ltd. (referred to as P.A Vietnam) and you, effective from the date you use this service. This agreement sets out the general terms and conditions regarding your use of the Email Marketing service and represents the entire agreement between you and P.A Vietnam Co., Ltd. on this issue.

When you accepted in electronic form this Agreement means that you have read, understand, confirm and agree to be bound by this Agreement, along with the Terms of Use, incorporated by this reference and in any other agreement or policy explicitly included in this document.

2. Anti-spam policy

We do not agree and do not accept the misuse of the service and use to send spam emails, it means emails without the recipient's consent. We respect anti-spam regulations issued by the Government and international organizations and ask you to strictly comply with them.

You must perform follow the instructions on the email content as well as the restrictions on sending emails. All content of the email sent must ensure that it does not violate the provisions of the Law of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. As follows:

  • These emails you send must exist and must be approved by the contact person to be allowed to send out. If you do not have the written proof that the email list you will send has been approved by them, emails that they have not accepted you will not be sent to them the next time.
  • We prohibit the use of email lists that are purchased, rented, obtained or made by a third party. You must not send unsolicited email to information groups, message boards, distribution lists, or email addresses or to any recipients who do not accept, unsubscribe or object to receiving these emails from you.
  • The scope of service includes features that allow you to ask the recipient to confirm that you have been allowed by the recipient to send messages to that recipient. (suppose that such use is permitted by law to apply to you), and the recipient does not respond confirmation with that request, you must agree that the message will not be sent to that recipient.

3. Use appropriate mailing content

In every campaign that you create when sending emails, The subject and content of the email sent does not contain any deceptive or misleading content about the overall issue of the email message.

Each message sent by using the service must have a link for the recipient to "Refuse to receive mail" ( unsubscribe ) if they do not want to receive any further emails from you. Outgoing and returning email addresses are legal. Do not use non-specific, generic email addresses, eg :,,...

P.A Vietnam provides you with a tool to check the SPAM content of an email before sending it. When sending a campaign that requires email content with a SPAM score of less than 2. Emails with SPAM scores greater than 2 will be retained by the system and cannot be sent out.

4. Account lock

We will lock the account, refuse to provide services if your account in the following cases:

  • The rate of emails with errors is higher than 5% and there is no remedy.
  • You make these errors many times and there is no sign of improving the effectiveness of the email list.
  • Violation of our anti-spam policy.
  • Violation of our content policy.

5. Reopen the account

To reopen your account, please contact the support department of P.A Vietnam, We will check your case and notify you within 24 hours.

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