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Incremental Remote Backups
Incremental Remote Backups
"Point-in-time incremental backups". We harness the power of hardlinks to use less space while backing up accounts. After your first full backup future backups will only take up space from changed files
Multiple Remote Destinations
Multiple Remote Destinations
Schedule as many backup jobs as you want. We also have multiple supported backup destinations! Local backups, Remote SSH, Remote FTP, Amazon S3, and Dropbox!
Self Restores
Self Restores
Self restore GUI for WHM users! Full account restore, singe file restore, download files/backups, restore emails, databases, cron jobs, SSL Certificates and more!
Daily Backups
Daily Backups
Now you can create a special job that will back up your accounts on an daily basis. This is a must have for websites with constantly changing data!

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  • SSN
  • Mạng xã hội Bang
  • Thonet-Vander Speaker
  • Cpanel
  • Cloudlinux
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