EAP - Email AntiSpam Protection Solution


Separate database solution with web server

EAP - Email AntiSpam Protection Solution

Customers need to separate the web server system from the database to help maintain the highest processing speed for database related processes.

EAP - Email AntiSpam Protection Solution

Customers need a database system to run applications from other servers.

EAP - Email AntiSpam Protection Solution

Customers want to minimize risks when dividing many different server options.

EAP - Email AntiSpam Protection Solution

Customers want to save on initial investment costs and still get the greatest benefits.


Database Hosting develops exclusively for customers who need professional database storage with a management system and separate from the web server system.

EAP - Email AntiSpam Protection Solution

Optimal configuration

We use a powerful server server and a dedicated NVME SSD to handle large volumes of read and write queries.

EAP - Email AntiSpam Protection Solution

Management Interface

We support a customer management interface that can be easily managed and backed up when needed.

EAP - Email AntiSpam Protection Solution

Latest version

Use Mysql 5.7 with the best configuration of IOPS to help process queries quickly in seconds.

EAP - Email AntiSpam Protection Solution


Saving x 10 compares with investing on a separate server running for the database system, everything has our technical team managed.

database hosting Services price list

Database Hosting #1

VNĐ x 12 month
500 MB
Number: 01 Database
Quota: 500MB
CPU: 1 Vcore

Database Hosting #2

VNĐ x 12 month
3 GB
Number: 02 Database
Quota: 3GB
CPU: 2 Vcore

Database Hosting #3

VNĐ x 12 month
10 GB
Number: 03 Database
Quota: 10GB
CPU: 3 Vcore

Database Hosting #4

VNĐ x 12 month
20 GB
Number: 04 Database
Quota: 20GB
CPU: 4 Vcore

So sánh tính năng

So sánh Database Hosting và
DB Hosting thông thường

Database hosting

DB Hosting thông thường

Bộ nhớ (memory) Cao Trung bình
Hiệu năng Cao Khá
Disk I/O Cao Trung bình khá
Throughput Cao Trung bình khá
Giới hạn Database size Cao Trung bình
Mức độ an toàn Cao Trung bình


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Can I upload a website source running with this service?
The service is only optimized for database storage, it does not support running the source code on the system.
Do I have support to move the database from other places?
You only need to provide administrative information from the old server, Our technical department is ready to support free migrating data to you.
What kind of database does the system currently support?
We currently support Mysql, but PostgreSQL and MongoDB will support in the future.
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  • Mạng xã hội Bang
  • Thonet-Vander Speaker
  • Cpanel
  • Cloudlinux
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