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Note use Disk Space 

Disk Space resource on Hosting use to support the customers whom use only for The Web Hosting purpose . The purpose of using the unlimited resource aim other purpose like on storing or sharing document files, sounds, videos, softwares,backup file,..... is considered violently the Terms of Use and P.A Viet Nam company which has the entire authority by of the company's rules.

Notice: Do not use the tools, automatical softwares to occupy the resource with high frequency. If you use CRONJOB, you should setup by the recommendations that is a minimum 10 minutes frequency and maximum 5 cronjobs.

Refer to the safe data backup service : click here
Hosting parameters applied from 22-01-2018
  • WordPress #1

    Quota 2 GB
    Bandwidth Unlimited
    FTP account Unlimited
    My SQL 0
    MSSQL Server 0
    Park/ Unlimited /0
    Discount 10% register >=02 year
    Discount 15% register >=03 year
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  • WordPress #2

    Quota 3 GB
    Bandwidth Unlimited
    FTP account Unlimited
    My SQL 0
    MSSQL Server 0
    Park/ Unlimited /2
    Discount 10% register >=02 year
    Discount 15% register >=03 year
    best seller
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  • WordPress #3

    Quota 6 GB
    Bandwidth Unlimited
    FTP account Unlimited
    My SQL 0
    MSSQL Server 0
    Park/ Unlimited /3
    Discount 10% register >=02 year
    Discount 15% register >=03 year
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Price does not include VAT

Reputation & Quality

Support the most professional-style professional hosting providers

  • Siêu Tốc
    WebServer optimized, developed specifically for WordPress

    Accelerates and reduces page load times up three times than using regular webserver.

  • Hardware Configuration And Power
    Hardware Configuration And Power

    Standard SSD hard disk drive with RAID 10 data safety technology and maximum read speed acceleration.

  • uperior Cache Feature
    Superior Cache Feature

    Redis support, LSCache accelerates and loads thousands of hits at the same time. Support most popular open source such as Joomla, Laravel, Druple, Magento ...

  • One Click Auto Installer
    One Click Auto Installer

    Automatically installs more than 400 popular source codes with one click, always up to date Latest versions, the most popular source code. Fully automatic demo, review whenever you want.

  • Safety And Security
    Safety And Security

    CloudLinux restricts Local Hack, malware scans, active and periodic viruses that remove any harm to the web. The system is constantly upgraded and monitored every second under the supervision of experienced technical staff.

  • Supports HTTP / 2, QUIC
    Supports HTTP / 2, QUIC

    The most up-to-date technology dedicated to websites is using the https protocol, which helps your web rise in google insights.

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5G Bandwidth Extra
mo_rong_giai_phapth Extrathem_mot_nguoi_dung
97.000d x 03 month
97.000d x 06 month
97.000d x 12 month

97.000d x 3 month


10G Bandwidth Extra
mo_rong_giai_phapdth Extrathem_mot_nguoi_dung
187.900d x 01 month
187.900d x 03 month
187.900d x 06 month

187.900d x 1 month


20G Bandwidth Extra
mo_rong_giai_phapdth Extrathem_mot_nguoi_dung
300.100d x 01 month
300.100d x 03 month
300.100d x 06 month

300.100d x 1 month


Restore data for Hosting
mo_rong_giai_phapta for Hostingthem_mot_nguoi_dung

200.000d = OneTime

*Note: Bandwidth only use in this month

Comparing packages

Hosting professional high speed

Packages WordPress #1 WordPress #2 WordPress #3
Quota 2 GB 3 GB 6 GB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Email 30 60 80
FTP account Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
My SQL / Mariadb 3 6 8
Sub domain 10 20 30
Addon Domain 0 2 3
Park Domain Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Multi PHP
(PHP 5.x to 8.0)
SSL Free Free Free
Global CDN
A global content delivery network which have the system of servers located in many locations on the world, that will help optimize website speed for visitors and improve website quality.
Yes Yes Yes
Test area
The number of testing websites that you can clone from the main website, these websites run as subdomains (Sub Domain).
- - 2
Multisite Managerment
Multisite allows to create a network of many websites on a single source code. This means that you only need to install WordPress on one main site, then you can create as many subsites as you want. Depending on the capacity as well as the load capacity on your server.
- Yes Yes
Quick Installation
Supports quick installation through an intuitive interface with just a few clicks, with a library of more than 400 popular source codes
Yes Yes Yes
Huge free theme repository from wordpress.org
Yes Yes Yes
Themes VIP
Copyrighted luxury theme that PA Vietnam experts have designed according to SEO standards and free support for customers who using WordPress Hosting service (See more Here)
5 5 10
Redis is a widely used and feature-rich key-value storage system. Redis stands out by supporting many basic data structures (hash, list, set, sorted set, string). Besides storing key-values on RAM with high performance, redis also supports data storage on hard disks (persistent redis) allowing data recovery in case of problems.
Yes Yes Yes
WebCache Advance
LSCache is a web acceleration technology developed by LiteSpeed Technologies for websites running on the copyright LiteSpeed Web Server platform. LSCache is understood as a plugin that adds more power to LiteSpeed, which already has a faster website loading speed than other competitors such as Apache or Nginx.
- Yes Yes
Web Firewall
Web Application Firewall (WAF) is a solution to protect web applications from security errors and limit the risk of malicious queries and access.
Yes Yes Yes
Malware handling software
Imunify360 is the latest and best software today created by the famous cloudlinux operating system developer that most of the Hosting Providers are using. It allows scanning, quarantining, recovering suspected infected files as well as restricting suspicious attack access.
Yes Yes Yes
HTTP/2 or HTTP.3 is the next official version of the HTTP protocol, intended to improve page load speed and web browsing performance. Developed and promoted by Google, the application will help improve search efficiency from the search engine.
Free Free Free
Accelerated Compression
Gzip support is a method to compress and reduce the size of files on the server before sending to the client (eg browser). It helps to save bandwidth, increase the loading speed of the website.
Yes Yes Yes
Manual backup
Customers can actively backup through the hosting administration interface.
Yes Yes Yes
Automatic backup
Automatic scheduled backup of P.A Vietnam
Weekly (1 times)
File Usage
Maximum number of files and folders allowed to be stored on host
250000 250000 250000
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