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    x 24 month
    2.322.000d x 3 month
    2.161.000d x 6 month
    1.999.000d x 12 month
    Intel Xeon X3440 2.53Ghz, 8M Cache, 4 Cores
    HDD SATA Enterprise 1TB
    International port (up/down)15/10 Mbps
  • Server PROMOTION E3-1200 Serial

    x 24 month
    2.500.000d x 3 month
    2.352.000d x 6 month
    2.200.000d x 12 month
    Intel Xeon E3-1220 3.1GHz, 8MB Cache, 4 Cores, 4 Threads
    HDD SATA Enterprise 1TB
    International port (up/down)8/6 Mbps

    x 24 month
    3.115.000d x 3 month
    2.611.000d x 6 month
    2.450.000d x 12 month
    Intel Xeon E5620, 12M Cache, 2.40 GHz, 4 Cores
    HDD SATA Enterprise 1TB
    Băng thôngUnlimited
    Cổng quốc tế (up/down)8/6 Mbps
  • Server Promotion E5-2620V2

    x 24 month
    3.470.000d x 3 month
    3.277.000d x 6 month
    3.082.000d x 12 month
    Intel Xeon E5-2620 v2, 2.1GHz, 15MB cache, 6 Cores, 12 Threads
    HDD SATA Enterprise 1TB
    International port (up/down)20/15 Mbps
Price does not include VAT
The number of Servers is limited so the program can be ended prematurely.

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Server Manager - Cao Cấp
mo_rong_giai_phapager - Cao Cấpthem_mot_nguoi_dung
998.700d x 03 month
998.800d x 06 month
998.800d x 12 month

998.800d x 12 month


Server Manager - Cơ Bản
mo_rong_giai_phapager - Cơ Bảnthem_mot_nguoi_dung
250.000d x 03 month
250.000d x 06 month
250.000d x 12 month
250.000d x 24 month

250.000d x 12 month


VPS/Dedicated/Colo IPv4
mo_rong_giai_phapted/Colo IPv4them_mot_nguoi_dung
100.000d x 01 month
100.000d x 03 month
100.000d x 06 month
100.000d x 12 month
100.000d x 24 month
100.000d x 36 month

100.000d x 12 month


VPS/Dedicated/Colo IPv6
mo_rong_giai_phapted/Colo IPv6them_mot_nguoi_dung
50.000d x 01 month
50.000d x 03 month
50.000d x 06 month
50.000d x 12 month
50.000d x 24 month

50.000d x 1 month


Reload OS Dedicated/Colo 4h
mo_rong_giai_phapDedicated/Colo 4hthem_mot_nguoi_dung

500.000d = OneTime


Reload OS Dedicated/Colo 24h
mo_rong_giai_phapDedicated/Colo 24hthem_mot_nguoi_dung

200.000d = OneTime


1Gbps Local Port
mo_rong_giai_phapl Portthem_mot_nguoi_dung
700.000d x 01 month
700.000d x 03 month
700.000d x 06 month
700.000d x 12 month

700.000d x 3 month


1Mbps Download Quoc Te
mo_rong_giai_phapload Quoc Tethem_mot_nguoi_dung
840.100d x 03 month
840.100d x 06 month
840.100d x 12 month

840.100d x 3 month


1Mbps Upload Quoc Te
mo_rong_giai_phapad Quoc Tethem_mot_nguoi_dung
216.000d x 03 month
216.000d x 06 month
216.000d x 12 month

216.000d x 3 month


1Gbps Internet Port - Bandwidth Limit 10.000GB
mo_rong_giai_phaprnet Port - Bandwidth Limit 10.000GBthem_mot_nguoi_dung
2.000.000d x 03 month
2.000.000d x 06 month
2.000.000d x 12 month

2.000.000d x 3 month


100Mbps Internet Port
mo_rong_giai_phapternet Portthem_mot_nguoi_dung
882.000d x 01 month
882.000d x 03 month
882.000d x 06 month
882.000d x 12 month

882.000d x 3 month


HDD SSD 240G 2.5
mo_rong_giai_phap0G 2.5them_mot_nguoi_dung
340.000d x 01 month
340.000d x 03 month
340.000d x 06 month
340.000d x 12 month
340.000d x 24 month
340.000d x 36 month

340.000d x 12 month


HDD SSD 480G 2.5
mo_rong_giai_phap0G 2.5them_mot_nguoi_dung
500.000d x 01 month
500.000d x 03 month
500.000d x 06 month
500.000d x 12 month
500.000d x 24 month
500.000d x 36 month

500.000d x 12 month


HDD SATA Enterprise 1TB
mo_rong_giai_phapnterprise 1TBthem_mot_nguoi_dung
576.000d x 01 month
559.000d x 03 month
541.000d x 06 month
518.000d x 12 month
507.000d x 24 month
507.000d x 36 month

507.000d x 24 month


HDD SAS 300GB - 7.2K RPM
mo_rong_giai_phap0GB - 7.2K RPMthem_mot_nguoi_dung
720.000d x 06 month
720.000d x 12 month
720.000d x 24 month
720.000d x 36 month

720.000d x 6 month

*Note: Bandwidth only use in this month

Introduction to Dedicated Server

  • Siêu Tốc Full rights to use

    Customers completely own the server with full access with the highest authority, the hardware is always supported by us to replace whenever there is a problem as quickly as possible.

  • Hoạt động 99.99% Genuine movement

    We always use the most reputable machines and components from Supermicro, IBM, DELL, HPE etc.

  • Dễ dàng sử dụng Configuration options on request

    Customers can choose to expand or collapse hardware configurations such as RAM, CPU, and HDD as they like.

  • Có bản quyền Big datacenter

    The server system is always located in a large Datacenter, the network is strong and stable, the backup system is always ready to respond to any problems.

  • Bảo mật & an toàn Security & Safety

    Safety and security thanks to the hard and soft firewall system according to each customer's requirements.

  • Hỗ trợ kỹ thuật 24/7 Free IP V6

    1 IPV6 free support.

Reputation & international quality

  • High speed & Stability High speed & Stability

    Powerful servers with high-speed line managed by teachnican support team over 16 years experience

  • Management & Monitor Management & Monitor

    Customers can track the amount of monthly bandwidth usage, and timely notification of incidents to have a reasonable plan to prepare upgradation

  • High Security High Security

    Monitoring system work 24/7, dedicated firewall systems limit unauthorized access

  • Platform Technology Platform Technology

    Support multi platform

  • 24/7 Technical Support 24/7 Technical Support

    We are top hosting provider with over 16 year experience, our team are always here to assist via email, livechat, and telephone.

  • Quality Hardware Quality Hardware

    International quality hardware, configuring diverse, reasonably priced, depending on your requirements

  • SSN
  • Mạng xã hội Bang
  • Thonet-Vander Speaker
  • Cpanel
  • Cloudlinux
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